Clients In Pharmaceuticals Industry

    We have a complete range of compressors designed to provide totally oil-free air to the highest quality standards, with class-leading efficiency to help you achieve these goals.In addition to the requirement for high quality oil-free air, manufacturers need to reduce their cost of operations and increase efficiency in order to improve their bottom line.

    Typical uses of compressed air in the pharmaceutical industry include:

    • Process air — air used in direct contact with products for cleaning, aeration and product moving
    • Control valves & cylinders — to control equipment used in the manufacturing process
    • Material handling — Fluid pumping systems are operated by compressed air in volatile environments without the risk of explosion
    • Nitrogen generation — air is filtered via a membrane to produce nitrogen
    • Air curtains — air is used as a curtain to create a safe and clean area
    • Product drying — air is mixed with products to accelerate the drying process.