Lubricated Screw Compressors

  • Lubricated Screw Compressors

The perfect fit to maximise productivity

The Gardner Denver compressor brand offers everything you need to set up a stable, clean and efficient compressed air system. “The perfect fit” is not just a tagline, more proof of how meeting quality standards, functionality and environmental responsibilities can deliver increased productivity and profitability. 

• Efficiency
• Low Noise Operation
• Advanced Control System
• Modern Cooling System
• Easy Maintenance
• GD 5 Years Extended Warranty Protect 5 – our total commitment to quality and worry free ownership

Oil Free Compressors

  • Oil Free Compressors

You can rest assured that the series is 100% oil-free
with absolutely no oil present in any part of the compressor. This series sets the standards for air purity. These water-injected screw compressors are available in water-cooled and air-cooled versions and are ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certified. Offering not only 100% pure oil-free air but also improved energy efficiency, these compressors are made to meet the precise needs of a diverse range of industries.

• Production
• Damage Control to production equipment
• 100% silicone-free, guaranteed
• Specifically designed for use in pure-air critical applications such as the automotive industry
• Avoids contaminations and provides the highest air quality standards
• Independently tested and certified

BroomWade Air Compressors

  • BroomWade Air Compressors

BroomWade compressors – reliable, strong and long lasting.
The BroomWade range includes oil-free, oil-lubricated and silent compressors, making them ideal for a range of workshop and industrial uses. This range of compressors operate at low noise levels and have integrated control panels. They are designed with ease of use and servicing in mind. All BroomWade compressors are equipped with authentic high-quality for a longer working life and better performance.

  • Oil-flooded, single stage rotary screw type
  • Fixed & variable speed models
  • Belt driven, star / delta starting
  • Pressure range 7.5 - 13 bar
  • Electric motor 2.2kW - 75kW- IE3
  • Modulers design 

Vacuum Pumps and Blowers

  • Vacuum Pumps and Blowers

Robuschi- The Perfect Partner for Your Evolving Needs.

Robuschi has developped pressure and vacuum Solutions since 1941 with manufacturing facilities. We are committed to play a vital role by saving energy and protecting the environment. Our equipment, systems and services are dedicated to help customer's optimise their performance of their process.

  • Smart Oil System
  • New Performance Cooling fan
  • RBS Air-end HT Version
  • Discharge Silencer Optimisation
  • Enhance Noise Encloser
  • Smart & Compact Design
  • Quiet Operation, Energy Saving & Easy Maintenance Cost

Nitrogen Gas Generators

  • Nitrogen Gas Generators

In many applications, oxygen is the enemy. Oxygen can cause food to spoil, rubber to deteriorate and steel to rust. The best way to combat the negative effects of oxygen is to supplant it with nitrogen. After all, the air around you is 78% nitrogen.  For many years, the only option was to purchase bottled nitrogen. With the introduction of on-site nitrogen generators, users were able to cut the cord and move away from billion-dollar bottled nitrogen suppliers. This will typically lead to a huge financial savings that often results in an
ROI of 18 months or less.

  • Lower cost maintenance, very long working life
  • Industry compliance, food and pharmaceutical safe
  • Unique Energy Saving Technology (EST)
  • Gas quality control system
  • Remote monitoring
  • Five year warranty 


  • iConn
  • iConn

Intellent Connection for The Future

iConn is a flexible platform enabling extended data analytic and pattern recognition algorithms leveraging gardner Denver's application know-how.

  • Real time monioring, alarms & warnings to reduce the risk of downtime.

  • Browser based system for monitoring remote sites.

  • On time maintenance as required optimising costs and ensuring longer machine life.

  • Enabled for energy efficiency and production optimisation.